Saturday, 18 June 2011

Purple Kush Weedly News Round-Up

Welcome to our first Purple Kush weedly news round up in the world of marijuana.

Authorities tap into weed bank!

Its been a busy week for cops starting off with Oregon, where cash strapped lawmakers have decided to tap into the sates medical marijuana program. The officials intend to grab $7 million to help fund other medical programs which in turn will double the charged fee for medical marijuana patients to $200.
Good news is that that legislation to make it harder for people to obtain a medicinal marijuana card seem to have halted. Who says drugs don't pay?

Use Miracle Grow For your harvest? If so we have some great news! 

Head CEO Jim Hagedorn has revealed that he is "exploring" the targeting of medical marijuana growers to help aid sales of his weed food. With medical marijuana now been the U.S's number one profitable crop the CEO said in an interview that he wanted to push into the "pot market" saying that there was no good reasoning why they hadn't before. Even though the firm recorded sales 0f just under $3 billion, they will see this as a massive coup and a great investment which will surely only bolster profits.

 Authorities Ordered To Pay Cash Back

Next we venture to San Marcos in California where federal authorities have agreed to give back nearly half of over $29,000 in cash seized from a representative of a medical marijuana dispensary.
Over $14,000 dollars will be returned after a settlement that goes back to a December  incident involving  Ron Chang, who was stopped by federal agents whilst hauling marijuana on Pala Road.
It is a known hot-spot for smugglers who use this road to avoid the border checkpoint near Temecula on interstate 15.

Have You Lost 38 Bales Of Marijuana? If So The Police Want To Hear From You. 

In Broward County, Florida, detectives are looking for the proud owner of 38 bales of marijuana. the bales were found inside an unattended van in the west park.
The only reason the van was inspected was because a resident complained of the van taking too many parking spaces. When deputies examined the outside of the van they could smell a rather potent odor coming from inside. On closer inspection they found the 38 bales rammed in the back.
The crop expected to have a street value of around $2.2 million or so the cops say. you can contact Broward crime Stoppers if you know who owns the van and the stash. GRASS!

Decriminalization laws to start in July

Over to Connecticut, and the new medical marijuana laws that start in July. Although the law states it is only for amounts under 1/2 oz it is seen as another massive step forward for other states to follow suite. There is talk about cops having certified scales in their cars so they can decide whether to confiscate or arrest.

Medical marijuana patient would rather go to jail than quit weed

A medical marijuana patient from California has told the press he'd "rather be behind bars" opposed to being told he can't use weed. A nine month sentence is looking likely for Joel Castle as he did not want to be given a three year probationary condition. The former Chico Cannabis Club operator was found guilty of two felonies in connection with a guitar-for-weed trade which dated back to January last year. Funny thing is he'll still be getting his weed where he is *cough*.

Florida the capital of indoor weed growing busts.

Florida law enforcement agencies raided 818 alleged growing houses last year. More houses were busted there than any other state, with California coming second with 719 busts. This may not be a true account as the DEA have stated that not all agencies actually report their findings. So if they don't where's the weed going.......Oh Yea....!

Canada to announce new medical marijuana laws

The Canadian federal government is to announce new laws for medical marijuana growers to be cut and licensed. In a move that would eliminate private growers from their current system, only eligible people will be able to grow marijuana legally by applying to Health Canada. It is seen as an unwelcome move by the people in the dispensing community and that it would do more harm than good.

Swat team cocks up!

An Arizona home was busted last week after cops got tipped off about the home owner been in possession of weed.
Ross Taylor who is a medical marijuana card holder under the states new law is allowed to be in possession of 2.5oz of weed, but when cops raided his house they only found 2oz.
But cops back tracked on their red faced mishap by saying that he had bought it illegally which even though he holds a card for medicinal marijuana was still illegal.
The funny thing is that they had to get a search warrant signed by a judge but didn't bother to check with the local health authorities to see if he was actually prescribed marijuana. Anyway another crap load of money wasted on a pointless raid. Keep paying your taxes people, it's money well spent!!

That's all for this week guys, stay tuned, more coming soon!


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