Monday, 27 June 2011

Purple Kush Weedly News Round-Up

US Democrats and the bill to legalize cannabis that will NEVER become law

Politicians in the US have introduced a bill to legalize weed.

In a bold move to push legal cannabis use in the US Democrat Barney Frank admitted that there was virtually no chance that it would ever become law.

There argument been that they don't have enough police to prosecute marijuana users and would also allow each state to control all aspects of weed selling from tax to regulation.

Upto now there are sixteen states that allow medicinal marijuana where Purple kush is one of the top strains to be administered whilst another fourteen states have decriminalized the drug for small use.

Marijuana the number one drug

Weed is still the most commonly used illicit drug worldwide. A recent report says as many as 200 million + people actively used marijuana last year and nearly a third of all high school students. Thats just under 5% of the worlds population, and a hell of a lot of stoned people.

Genetically Modified Marijuana becoming A Problem In Columbia

Marijuana growers in Columbia are becoming a big problem for police. The genetically modified seeds that they are cultivating which are imported from Europe and the US are giving larger crops and greater quality. The THC content of the plants is much greater than that of ordinary marijuana therefore it makes it a much more profitable crop the the cultivators to sell, nearly 10 fold of that of normal marijuana.

Colombian farmers are now been forced into growing weed illegally due to the prices of their usual crop of coffee and bananas plummeting in price, it's also one of the US's biggest importer of illegal weed.

US  National Team Diver Suspended for Weed 

FINA - The worlds swimming governing body has suspended diver Harrison Jones (21) for 12 months after failing a doping test whilst at the Winter National Championships in Iowa after winning the 3m springboard title.

Women  helped by government to grow weed

A woman and her husband have been helped out by the government to grow weed in there home. The pair from Cumberland County who are disabled and are both on income assistance have been given $2500 dollars to set up their own little weed farm.

The couple were given the go-ahead to grow their own marijuana but couldn't afford the set-up fee for lighting so our heart felt government have jumped in with a grant to help them out with setting up their mini weed farm. The couple will also receive $100  every 3 months for supplies.

Canadian medical clinic bust after only 2 days of been opened

A store in Chilliwack, Canada, has been raided and closed after only 2 days of opening as  it was found to be selling medicinal marijuana illegally.

Police found approx. 2 kilos of bud and hash along with oil extraction labs and weed laced chocolate and candy.

A Chilliwack RCMP spokesman explained that Heath Canada had not granted a license for the owner to sell medicinal weed and instead was been used to sell weed to the public behind a legitimate looking business.



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