Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Purple Kush News Round-Up 11/11/2011

Medical marijuana applicants facing DC deadline
Washington Times
By Tom Howell Jr. Applicants hoping to dispense medical marijuana in the District have until Halloween to submit their plans to city officials, pushing the long-awaited program forward even as federal prosecutors put a scare into the cannabis ...
Teen held in Bali for drugs to be moved from cell at police headquarters
The Australian
The Drug Division of Bali Police headquarters where a 14-year-old NSW boy is being held after he was arrested in Kuta possessing 3.6 grams marijuana. Picture: S. Bintoro Lukman Source: Supplied THE Australian teenager arrested in Bali for drug ...
Senior citizens accidentally imbibe marijuana brownies at memorial
(KABC) -- Three senior citizens ended up in a hospital after unknowingly trying a batch of marijuana-laced brownies Saturday. The seniors tried the brownies at a memorial service for a mutual friend. Police say three senior citizens thought they were ...
Colorado Supreme Court could take on medical-marijuana appeal
Denver Post
By John Ingold The Colorado Supreme Court may soon take up a debate that could fundamentally alter Colorado's medical-marijuana landscape. The question: Does Colorado's constitution, amended by voters in 2000 to include a medical-marijuana provision, ...
Marijuana Prohibition's Legal Insanity Continues
Business Insider
Burns took the easy way out and didn't point out that right around the same time the legal federal prohibition on alcohol ended, the prohibition of marijuana was ramping up in a big way. And, while the alcohol-targeted Prohibition ended, ...
Dutch fear threat to liberalism in "soft drugs" curbs
By Sara Webb AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Netherlands is embarking on a crusade against its multi-billion-euro marijuana industry, with significant implications both for its economy and its famously liberal approach to life. Along with tighter control of ...
Medical marijuana family member to plead guilty
WSB Atlanta
AP One member of a family of Miles City medical marijuana operators has decided to plead guilty to federal drug charges just days before a court hearing on whether to dismiss the charges. Sherry Flor filed her request to change her plea on Friday. ...
Regulation Confusion Over Medical Marijuana
Two Southern Oregon medical marijuana grows are raided by federal agents in a week's time, hauling away hundreds of plants. The raids are raising the issue of how the medical marijuana program is regulated. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program screens ...


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