Monday, 4 July 2011

Purple Kush Weedly News Round-Up

Virtual Marijuana Game On Facebook

A new virtual marijuana game has appeared on Facebook to help promote the new series of "Weeds" on HBO.

The controversial new game will make you pick your wits by growing virtual weed, harvesting and selling it to reward you virtual cash which in turn you can spend on virtual flat screen TVs and other things for your pad, a bit too like real life if you ask us.

But it has hit a wall of criticism as children under the age of 13 who have lied in their profiles will be able to access the game, but Facebook's rules allows these games for their members and also see them as within the law.

Marijuana Mysteriously Disappears

Marijuana that was been transported for evidence has mysteriously disappeared from a truck. The marijuana was been used in a Long Island case and was been taken to laboratory's in Pennsylvania.

FedEx - The company given the job to deliver the weed are said to be "looking into" the theft of the weed. Criticism has been raised to why a carrier such as FedEx were given the job in the first place, instead of a member of the police department. Looks like the police's hands are tied as the box that contained the weed was opened and resealed after the marijuana was taken out leaving any charges without a jack of evidence.

Weed Been Grown In National Forest

Just under 100,000 marijuana plants have been discovered growing in a canyon in the Wallowa-Whitman Forest in N.E. Oregon by hunters.

The find resulted in the arrest of 6 growers who were armed at the scene.

But apart from the haul, there is great concern for the habitat that was destroyed to grow the crop along with fertilizers used to help grow the weed.

Dutch Laws To Stop Marijuana Tourism Hits A Setback

The Government in The Netherlands hit a set back this week when plans to stop tourist buying marijuana hit a wall.

The Government want to stop just under 4 million buyers who drive across from the surrounding countries such as Germany and France just to stockpile on weed.

But business owners in Amsterdam were opposed to these plans as it would starve off tourism in their city, world renowned for their coffee shops, as tourists generally stay for at least 3 nights to buy and smoke weed and spend money in their city. The government seemed to u-turn on this idea and have left the law alone........for now!

Medicinal Marijuana Growers And Dispensaries Face Tighter Control

Caregivers are to be stripped of any right to provide marijuana unless they become registered.

Certain dispensaries also need to have full time video surveillance and shorter opening hours.

In a move that will see rules governing how much can be sold from a dispensary, allowed sales to patients and other regulations it seems that the changes on 07/01/2011 will surely only affect the one group of people its suppose to help and that's the medicinal user.


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