Monday, 29 August 2011

Purple Kush - Apps Of The Week

We've scouted the Android and iPhone marketplace this week to find you the best marijuana apps for your cellphone. Here are our weekly top 3.

Mary Jane Live Wallpaper

Great free wallpaper with an interactive element to it. Not much to it but a beautifully crafted live wallpaper. We've installed and tested and found it a must for any discerning weed head!

Price: Free
Our Rating:  


A must for any medical marijuana user.This app is a compliment to the fantastic site

A very easy to use  app that gives names and addresses of marijuana dispensaries close to the users location. 

Based on Google maps it comes across great with pin point accuracy on dispensary listings. Also includes up  to the minute dispensary deals,  a  freebies section, "What are you smoking on"- a user based interactive forum and (various videos from the Weedmaps crew). Also added but not shown on these screenshots is a Doctors Directory, again using google maps technology this will show you where MMJ reefer-ring Doctors practices are. 

Another great section of the app is the A-Z, this gives you an in-depth look at dispensaries with customer reviews, marijuana menus, opening times, basically everything you know for you to get your hands on your MMJ.

Price: Free
Our Rating :

Download iPhone App Here

The Grow App

The Grow App is  medical marijuana app that gives you  tutorial and walkthru's on growing MMJ at home. It includes
  • 5 "How To" manuals from setting up to harvesting, all text based with decent pictures to help you along the way.
  • A problem solver - by selecting  pre-selected questions it returns a probable source of problems with your plant.
  • A searchable cannabis dictionary - An A-Z of every term used in marijuana cultivation.
  • A grow journal and more.
We found this a great app, easy to navigate and full of information for any weed cultivator. It comes free but there is an option of a paid upgrade that will give you more in-depth info on growing marijuana, but we found the free app was more than enough to keep us happy.
Price: Free with option to upgrade
Our Rating:

Download Android App Here

Visit Here To Get iPad Tutorials For Your Marijuana iPad Apps
More app reviews coming soon. Stay tuned!


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