Saturday, 6 August 2011

Purple Kush Investigates The Marijuana Business

It seems forever ago when California was granted laws for the legal use of medical marijuana, 1996 to be precise. Proposition 215 was passed, allowing physicians/doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana to patients with ailments such as glaucoma to chronic pain and cancer to help treat them with painful symptoms caused by these illnesses.

Campaigners had won a long and tiring battle to see marijuana, such as "purple kush", been used for medicinal purposes,but after all the legal wrangling and fighting to see marijuana for its medical properties and not its gateway negativity, patients only had one problem.......where to get their medical marijuana from? They seemed to forget about the patients supply chain and patients were been driven underground to score off dealers which wasn't seen as curing a problem than creating one. With patients demanding a safer way to be provided with their medical marijuana states started passing laws that governed the distribution of medical marijuana to patients.

This is when Dispensaries such as the infamous SR-71 in California started to pop up. The medical marijuana industry had begun and this was going to be the start of more states seeing the benefits of medical marijuana, allowing patients to be recommended for medical marijuana and strains such as purple kush and master kush for terminally ill patients and patients where marijuana was seen as the best method of relieving pain.

The laws weren't all clear cut though, and still aren't. Laws on the growing of personal marijuana under a recommendation and medical marijuana card still does not exempt you from Federal law in which marijuana consumption is still illegal. Some states such as California are relaxed with MMJ card holders whereas there are news reports every week reporting MMJ card holders who have grown their own been busted and prosecuted for cultivation, so if you are a card holder make sure you know your local laws, just because your legal to use it doesn't mean your legal to grow it.

The medical marijuana industry is now worth an estimated $17 billion, and that's with only a handful of states actually passing laws on its medical value. If it was legalized and all states allowed the use of casual marijuana use as well as medicinal use that cost would almost multiply 10 fold, a thing the government are now most probably looking into due to the financial mess the country is in.


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