Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Purple Kush Views - How Marijuana Could Help Save The US Economy

 Purple Kush On Marijuana Helping The Economy

With the US economy busting at the seams with debt, and Barack Obama lending more money and increasing the debt deficit even more, it could be time to look elsewhere for income, where I ask you say, well let me tell you....


Marijuana? But how?

Marijuana is now the worlds number one cash crop. It is worth an estimated $14 billion dollars in the state of California from its medical harvest alone, legalizing marijuana would increase that to an estimated $35 billion dollars. Now I know that's only a small chunk off the trillions that Americas debt has risen too but it is a lot of money.

Legalizing medicinal marijuana such as purple kush, master kush and all other strains and hybrids would  give the government a massive boost to the economy, apart from helping an estimated 200,000 people back into work from marijuana plantations to dispensaries it surely seems a formality when it comes to the arguments to help legalize cannabis.

It's not just the drug itself that will generate cash, the time and money wasted  prosecuting weed users, the money spent housing the weed offenders and mainly the "war on drugs" that for the last 30 years has burnt one hell of a hole in Americas pocket, wasting trillions on a fight they just won't win.
Legalizing Marijuana wouldn't be seen as a "backing down" by the government but more a business opportunity. The war on marijuana hasn't worked, more strains than ever are available which are more potent than ever. Legalizing and regulating marijuana would surely make it safer for consumers of weeds like kush and skunk to be able to pick and choose which kind of weed they consume instead of been handed any old weed on the street corner from their shady dealer. Regulating marijuana does have its drawbacks though, only certain types would be available, with more potent strains been sidelined for less potent strains. This also wouldn't see the end of the dealer either, but marijuana, if priced right, would see it been less of a commodity and more of a hindrance to drug dealers.

Unfortunately though no matter how ruined the government financial climate is, we won't be seeing this any time soon. Marijuana is still illegal in all states under the  Federal controlled substances act. The government don't seem to be shifting on their illegal stance of the drug, but do seem to be giving more powers to states. It can only be a matter of time when the government see the cash rolling in form states such as California and start the process of legalizing marijuana for all (above 21!).


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