Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Purple Kush Website Of The Week No.2


NORML is a site dedicated to the  legalization of marijuana and was founded as far back as 1970. The National Organization For  The Reform Of Marijuana Laws is supported by a large list of celebrities and professionals including singer Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and the one and only Tommy Chong. These are a few of many pro-marijuana supporters that have pledged themselves to help NORML with their cause to see marijuana decriminalized.

It has had great success in the past helping to reduce penalties and decriminalize minor weed offences in over 11 states. 
Seen as one of the great marijuana activist sites it really is worth looking up if you already haven't and also sign up and help NORML's cause to make marijuana for the masses.

See NORMLS SITE HERE and help the reform of marijuana laws today.


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