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Purple Kush's Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis

Cannabis, Marijuana or weed as it's more commonly known is just simply a plant. It's properties however vary from each different strain of the plant. Strains come in many forms from purple kush to AK-47 (these are names given to different types of marijuana, most probably by the person who first genetically modified the plant).

Different Marijuana cause's different effects. From feeling a heavy buzz to having a hallucinogenic buzz these effects are brought on by the THC content of the plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as it's more commonly known is the active psychoactive substance of the marijuana plant which actually messes around with your brain. In it's pure form it has a glass shard look, but in it's warmed stage takes the form of a sticky substance.

The content of THC differs from strain to strain, some plants producing a quite large amount and other plants not so.

Marijuana comes in many different forms:
  • Weed - The actual flower of the plant unprocessed
  • Hashish - Oil and other chemicals compact together to  make a crumbly substance
  • Oil - THC extracted from plants in an oil form

Is Cannabis Dangerous?

Hard to answer this question! You could say no because no one has ever actually overdosed smoking marijuana but also yes as marijuana is still classed as a schedule I drug, meaning it is illegal to possess, grow and consume. Also there are arguments about the psychological effects of Marijuana with some experts saying that it has long-term damage on the brain (short-term memory loss, paranoia and acute schizophrenia) but none that having actually been proved. Whilst high on marijuana, it does have an adverse affect on the mind and it does definitely impair judgment as do most drugs, alcohol included, when consumed.

It also has a bad reputation for leading to other drugs, in fact been classed as a "gateway" drug for harder substances, basically because people can only get so much of a high with marijuana and want to go to the "next level", which leads to harder drugs and higher highs, not true! Unfortunately peer pressure is one of the major factors people turn to harder drugs, that and the fact that the people who they buy it off  "dealers"  have more substances to offer other than marijuana. It all comes down to choices.

What To Do When Stoned

When having a session on weed it is always best not to use machinery or drive. A lot of users will dismiss this saying it makes them a more relaxed yet alert driver. In latest figures 16% of U.S. drivers are stoned behind the wheel in the twilight hours, that's a lot of people, and the accident rate through marijuana smokers is on the rise.

For first time users, familiarity is the best option, smoking with friends in a familiar place. Cannabis can send you on a "trip" making you nervous, paranoid and intimidated, but with good friends around you it will make the experience more enjoyable.

Alcohol and marijuana don't really mix too well. In my experience, smoking weed whilst drinking beer seems fine, you can gauge both drugs together and seem to keep a hold of things, but getting drunk then smoking a joint at the end of the night is a recipe for disaster due to the fact that you cant stop the marijuana taking hold, which in many of my nights has ended up with me "throwing a whitey", a state of mind where the room spins at 300 mph, feeling sick and your face loses all color leaving you looking as white as snow! 30 Min's later it goes and you wonder what the hell just happened, then go back for another joint!!

The Art of Consuming Weed

Marijuana can be taken in two main forms, Smoking and eating. Smoking weed gives you a more instant high compared to the creeping up buzz you get from digesting marijuana. Smoking weed comes in many, many forms, from joints to bongs there are encyclopedias wrote on the many differing styles you can smoke weed. New to the scene not so long ago were vaporizers, this is a way of extracting THC in vapor form by heating the marijuana and not burning it and sucking in the vapors.

Ingesting on the other hand is a never ending way to try marijuana. Nearly every recipe you have come across in your life can be modified to include marijuana. The thing to be weary about with eating marijuana is how much to consume, I for one have cooked space cakes put way too much weed in and melted into my sofa an hour later, losing the use of all my limbs, not a bad feeling but with work later that day, ended up me calling in sick after dragging myself across the room to grab the telephone. So a side of precaution when eating marijuana, start with a small amount and don't get greedy.

Medicinal Value

Marijuana is still seen as an illegal drug, although it is administered to patients with illnesses such as Glaucoma, HIV, chronic pain in certain states across the U.S. and Canada. It is still one of the most widely argumented drugs in the world today, with both sides of the causes putting across valid points in the use of medical marijuana. One thing is for sure is that cannabis does alleviate symptoms to illnesses described earlier but to what cost?


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