Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Purple Kush Weedly News Round-Up

Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries Facing Crackdown

Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries are facing a threat to their production from a leaked memo from the Department of Justice.

States such as California, where the cultivation of Marijuana is legal for medicinal use, are going to be the ones that feel the full brunt of the new crackdown.

In a letter sent to the Obama administration, it seems that any large scale medicinal marijuana dispensaries would not be excluded from the law.

This seems to be a kick in the teeth to the medicinal marijuana community as Barrack Obama said that  his Federal Government should not prosecute medical marijuana growers and caregivers and a memo was put out straight after his inauguration that this is what the Justice Department official policy would be.

It is unclear why the justice department has taken such a u-turn on their policy but one thing is for sure it is going to make it a lot harder for commercial cultivation to move forward

Driving High? For How Long?

People driving whilst high on medicinal or recreational marijuana are having more accidents on our roads.

In a report by the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16% of drivers (medicinal and non-medicinal users of the drug) are driving at night whilst under the influence of marijuana.

The law has been relaxed on driving whilst high in states such as California, officials seem worried in the upward trend in marijuana related accidents.

In 13 States across the U.S., zero-tolerance laws still exist, but in the states where the law is relaxed it is very hard to attain how much marijuana has been smoked, when it was smoked and how impaired a person is after smoking it. Unlike alcohol there is no sure way to test for marijuana and this seems to be sticky point when it comes to the law.

$2.5 Million Worth Of Marijuana Seized

A massive amount of marijuana was siezed over the holiday weekend, $2.5 million worth to be exact!

In separate incidents nearly 5000 lbs worth of marijuana has been stopped going onto the streets.

NBA Star Caught In Possession Of Marijuana....AGAIN!

Micheal Beasley, forward for NBA's Timberwolves has been caught in possession of marijuana in his car. The star had just over 16 grams hid under his seat of his car when cops stopped him last week in Minneapolis.

The star claimed it was a friends of his who he had just previously dropped off. The star will face a fine of $128, after been stopped for a speeding offense. Not the most intelligent thing to do with (someone else's) stash in your car.

Cannabis Seen To Have No Medical Value

Cannabis has been dismissed for having "No Accepted Medical Use" by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). After moves to see the drug re-scheduled from its current Schedule I title, the same classification as drugs like crack cocaine, the DEA have issued a statement saying that it has no accepted medicinal use, has a high potential to be abused and also lacks a acceptable level of safety even under medical supervision.

Looks like the legalization of marijuana has taken one giant leap back and a kick in the teeth to those who swear by its medicinal properties such as doctors and physicians who do not administer marijuana likely, and also the patients who need the drug to relieve all kinds of symptoms.


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